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Morning Cloak Butterfly
Morning Cloak Butterfly
Nymphalis antiopa

Welcome to the Dishman Hills Natural Area Field Guide! This is a wiki site: meaning this site is created by a network of members. This site focuses on one of Washihngton State's designated natural resource conservation areas, the Dishman Hills Natural Resource Conservation Area. The Dishman Hills topography near Spokane, Washington extends beyond the boundaries of this park, so the content of this site is relevant to all of the Dishman Hills. Being a wiki site, you may register as a member and help create and update its pages, submit photos, and interact with other members in the forum.

If you were looking for dishmanhillsfieldguide.com, then you have found it! Before 2013, the domain name for this site used the ".com" ending. The renewal of this name failed to occur in early 2013. It was easier to purchase the use of a new name with a ".org" ending. Thus, outside links to this site using the .com version, no longer work.

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This site contains:
*An easy-to-use guide for identifying hundreds of wildflowers, trees, mosses, insects, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals from Dishman Hills.

*A complete overview of Dishman Hills's natural history, covering geology, wildlife habitats, ecology, rocks and minerals, clouds and weather patterns, and the night sky.

The website is also packed with visual information that explains everything that can be found at The Dishman Hills, from geological processes to the basic features of different plants and animals. We hope that you will find lots of helpful information on Dishman Hills, as well as the science and history behind it.

Click on one of the links to the left or the categories below to find out more about Dishman Hills.
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- Pinecliff Discovery Trail- Weather - Student Field Investigations - Parvovirus -

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